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Cybertonica OmniReactTM Platform: Banking system security future-proofed at one-tenth the cost.

Integrating our OmniReactTM product into your system takes from 8 to 12 weeks and you can start using our Business Impact Dashboard (BID) which will be customised for your institutional needs.

A perfect stepping stone to a digital transformation of customer segmentations, loyalty and behaviour analytics!

Banks can obtain significant benefits from OmniReactTM which helps them become a secure platform for all types of authentication and manage risk across all channels, open the way to secure mobile banking, reduce internal and external vulnerability, and avoid friction for trusted customers who are in the SmartPayer environment.

Become a secure platform for all types of authentication

  • Cybertonica will cover all your digital channels
  • Your data will be secured and your customer trust will be reinforced
  • We will eliminate the risk of account takeovers
  • Cybertonica will provide realtime dynamic risk management and background analytics
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Manage risk across all channels

  • Our multi-channel analysis will stop sophisticated fraud scenarios and track results for business impact
  • Cybertonica will protect you against bank related and internal fraud
  • Card Not Present (CNP) fraud and identity fraud will be prevented and incidents will be managed in realtime
  • Your liability risk will be reduced significantly

Want to learn more?

Cybertonica’s OmniReactTM is a proven technology service built to give positive impact to your business. Contact us now to achieve rapid business growth with no added risk!

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