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SmartPayer is the growth machine of e-merchants.

Our SaaS offer easily integrates with payment gateways and merchant interfaces and you can start using our unique Business Impact Dashboard (BID) within 3 weeks.

SmartPayer provides great benefits for e-merchants

E-merchants can exploit multiple opportunities with SmartPayer which help them achieve 10% - 15% net sales growth and lower incident cost. The platform pays for itself on average 6 times over in the first full year’s operation.

Cybertonica will grow your net sales by 10% - 15%

  • Open new markets and gain new customers by using Cybertonica
  • Manual reviews, false positives and chargebacks will no longer be a problem for you
  • Gain new customer insights across the business
  • Cybertonica will remove friction and provide a better authentication experience
    for your customers
  • Your average basket value will increase on average 15%
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Lower costs and higher returns

  • Cybertonica will ensure a fully secure authentication process
  • Our technology can run in parallel to 3DS or interface with your existing fraud controls
  • Identity fraud will no longer damage your business growth
  • Our solution will help you manage sales data efficiently and clearly
  • Cybertonica will make sure that your online business is compliant

Want to learn more?

Cybertonica’s SmartPayer is a proven technology service built to give positive impact to your business. Contact us now to achieve rapid business growth with no added risk!

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