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Payment service providers (PSPs) and e-payments platforms drive more transactions with SmartPayer.

Our SmartPayer product and related services "click-in" with your system within 3 weeks. You can start using our unique Business Impact Dashboard (BID) after a couple weeks of data flow practice and A/B tests.

SmartPayer provides great benefits for PSPs and e-payments platforms

PSPs and e-payments platforms using SmartPayer can offer the Business Impact Dashboard under their own brand and show merchants how to increase new clients, existing sales and grow their transactions while eliminating system and per-transaction costs.

Increase your sales and transactions

  • Cybertonica usually will grow your net sales by 10% - 15%
  • We guarantee you more sales and transactions with controlled risk
  • Cybertonica will recognise the legitimate customers 99+% of the time
  • You can create new and compelling propositions for customers using Artificial Intelligence to support your own analysis
  • Automated reporting on all parameters in a branded visualisation environment
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Reduce the cost of risk, augment the ROI of fraud teams

  • Cybertonica will delight your merchant customer and simplify the work of your fraud prevention team to allow them wider Impact
  • No more manual reviews, no false positives or chargebacks, and baskets go to check-out 20% more often
  • SmartPayer eliminates re-directs for secondary authentication in 90% of cases
  • Support your fraud team with the latest AI and Machine Learning tool, and give breach-prevention and remediation tools to your cybersecurity and risk officers
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Want to learn more?

Cybertonica’s SmartPayer is a proven technology service built to give positive impact to your business. Contact us now to achieve rapid business growth with no added risk!

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