Boost productivity of your Fraud & Risk teams while securing your business

Cybertonica puts advanced Data Science technology in the hands of your Fraud & Risk teams so they can multiply their productivity and drive down costs with no compromise to the security of your business.


Cutting false positives by up to 80% and increasing payment acceptance rates

Exposing deep fakes and sophisticated multi-channel fraud using machine learning

Reducing operational costs by up to 50% through automation of Fraud & Risk processes

Lowering fraud and chargebacks by up to 70% through greater accuracy of risk measurement

Authentication based on behaviour, not extensive personal data

Generate actionable insights

Cybertonica collects thousands of datapoints based on user behaviour. Algorithms, Behavioural Analytics and Data Science are combined to interrogate raw data and model against millions of historical patterns.

Detect fraud attacks in real-time

Customer usage patterns are recognised with astonishing precision and every inconsistency that could suggest an imminent fraud attack is spotted in real-time. Moreover, devious intent is distinguished from unusual requests while devices are checked every few seconds to make sure there is no compromise on security.

Secure your customers' data

Cybertonica never captures the personal details of your customers. We will not ask for vulnerable data such as email address or driving license to be entered or laboriously uploaded, so there is zero risk of your customer data ever being breached by fraudsters and cyber criminals.

Dashboard - Cybertonica platform for the management of risk, AML, compliance and fraud detection

Omnichannel protection

Cybertonica monitors and measures risk in real-time on your site or app, detecting bots, emulators, malware, suspicious IPs or hackers seeking to target your organisation. We give you a 360-degree view across all your channels and connected devices of all payment types including cards, Bank to Bank transfers and those initiated by PISPs after PSD2 implementation.

Sometimes cybercriminals operate linked fraudulent accounts with separate hidden identities. We use techniques such as link analysis via IP, phone, device, language of web browser, handle or other factors to break the cycle of fraud following fraud. Our automated alerts keep you protected 24/7.

Test fraud rules and learn quickly

Our risk management and business information dashboard allows your Fraud & Risk team to:

  • Monitor all merchant account information through a single user interface
  • Review, change and A/B test fraud rules depending on the seasonal trends and business requirements
  • Predict threats and chargebacks before they arise
  • Receive alerts and detect fraud as suspicious events occur
  • Make risk decisions in a few simple clicks and in matter of minutes
  • Expose compliance risks

The wealth of data that will be available to your team also means they can take an active role in supporting product development. Using insightful data formatted with our own or your in-house SQL library, reports can be shared with marketing and product teams for informed decision-making.

You will also be able to monitor operational impact of your Fraud & Risk team to see how many accounts are being reviewed daily and share lessons learned are submitted to the right reporting channel.

Reducing scheme costs and penalties

Lowering the risk profile of your business can cut scheme costs significantly. With Cybertonica, you can decrease the amount of funding for Rolling Reserves required to offset risk to Visa, Mastercard of PayPal by up to 50%.

New fraud threshold limits and exemptions introduced as part of PSD2 are a challenge for binary rules-based systems but can be easily managed with our advanced multi-channel Data Science techniques which help you remove and protect your business from scheme high-risk monitoring programs.

Leading edge, future-proof technology

Cybertonica is a modular Cloud-based platform that utilises dynamic Data Science technology. It is designed to meet your needs now, avoid the need to build in-house while future-proofing your risk and fraud prevention. Cybertonica enables you to achieve meaningful digital transformation at speed with technology that is fully compliant with regulation including GDPR, 3D Secure 2.2, PSD2, SCA, 5MLD, FATCHA, PCI DSS and CTF.

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