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Cybertonica provides a business impact technology solution
for the banking and payments industries.

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OmniReact TM

Banks and multi-channel systems are protected by OmniReactTM.

  • Fully secure e-banking, e-wallet and online networks
  • Automated anomaly and risk detection across channels
  • Multi-channel interactive blacklists in realtime
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks and compliance
  • Multi-factor Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning...Read More
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E-merchants, PSPs and e-payment systems achieve business growth with SmartPayer.

  • Risk-based conversion management that grows sales, reduces churn and increases profit
  • SaaS – Risk–Based Authentication (RBA)
  • Dynamic risk management in realtime or offline
  • Anomaly and risk detection across channels
  • Operational simplicity and transparency of ROI on the system…Read More
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Business Impact Dashboard (BID)

BID provides clear and reportable sales
and conversion data at a glance.

  • See the network of compromised cards, devices and IP addresses with just one click
  • Drag and drop any card instantly for black, grey and white-listing
  • Investigate the challenged and declined incidents in detail
  • Look down at device level and understand history of any fraud…Read More
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If I could use the compliant customer data to draw a picture of all my customer behaviour at any point in time, what would that picture look like?

  • That would help me market, analyse, price and respond to threats so much faster - at the speed of today’s e/m-markets. It would also help my team use their time better in favour of customer outcomes.
  • If I could have that in a few weeks from today, it would change our bottom line
    this year…Read More
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I want a partner who has worked in complex and large platforms/architectures before.

If I had a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence team who understands my system challenges and offer a light API solution that is compliant, I could support many more business impacts for the team…Read More
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Risk Manager

All the incumbent systems require me to order individual changes, rules and filters that in the end are limiting risk, but losing us business.

  • They are filtering out perfectly good customers, and that is too high a price to pay to avoid the occasional risky payer, especially if I know that Cybertonica has my back and catches 99% of fraud before it happens. I need to see it working first before I take it live. Seems too good to be true.
  • Turns out it is for real, just the way the motorcycle was too good compared to the bicycle…Read More
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How do I make Risk and IT department feel comfortable that their needs are met?

  • What I need is not just fraud prevention software, it is customer profiling in a compliant way that reduces risk and increases marketing impact by giving me access to real trends and realtime hyper segmentations.
  • I can use it to drive knowledge, volume and customer experience all together…Read More
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Cybertonica powers e/m-commerce growth using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence.

  • A single hub to manage all transaction risk in your business
  • Built by experts in FinTech, banking, loyalty, online advertising and transaction analysis
  • PCI DSS compliant and cloud-based fraud management solutions
  • Winner of the MPE 2018 Awards - The Best DATA Analytics & Science Award
  • Winner of EPA Awards 2017 - The Best New Back Office Innovation Award...Read More
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Want to see how we manage fraud and increase sales?

  • Now it is the time to manage your risk in order to grow your business and reduce exposure to fraud with Cybertonica!
  • Briefly explain your business needs and how you manage fraud and we will happily get back to you within the next 24 hours…Book a Demo

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