Achieve digital transformation at speed and technical excellence with Cybertonica

Cybertonica enables technology teams to deliver impactful digital transformation at speed with easy integration of outstanding risk and fraud prevention, powered by data science for automated contextual decision-making.


Reduce fraud and chargebacks by up to 70%

Save up to 80% in fraud losses

Lower per unit operational costs by up to 50%

Cut false positives by up to 80%

Intelligent context is the new tech weapon to fight fraud

Build your business around your customers

Cybertonica simplifies big data analytics and uses contextual analysis to help your business drive down risk and fraud.

Minimise risk and operational costs

Multiple data sources can be integrated with each one offering a unique perspective on the user and transaction. User IPs can be referenced to risk score transactions as well as email addresses, BIN numbers, historical data and global IP networks.

No more compromises

Through our Data Science techniques, these perspectives are analysed in real-time to understand the context in three-dimensions. The intent, level of risk and action recommended can be determined with outstanding accuracy in less than one second.

Dashboard - Cybertonica platform for the management of risk, AML, compliance and fraud detection

Build or buy?

Building in-house may seem tempting until the challenges of assembling the essential skill sets emerge. Creating a real-time, high-volume, multi-channel fraud system is a highly complex task demanding qualified data engineers and analytical skills. Outside data suppliers, dark web monitoring and other deep knowledge base areas must be sourced.

Over the past five years, Cybertonica has proven an ideal alternative to building a solution in-house for many different use cases. It is a true multi-channel future proofed system that has delivered benefits including:

  • Reduced need for risk-related OPEX spend by up to 40%
  • Cloud-based technology or modular on-site installations so no hardware or system level integration is required
  • Rapid on-site adaptation usually with just eight weeks’ engineering time
  • Simple integration of multiple complex data sources

Cybertonica is an award-winning technology partner of several key integrators. We are members of the NVIDIA technology program as well as the SAP Global Partner Accelerator program.

Omnichannel protection

Cybertonica monitors and measures risk in real-time on your site or app, detecting bots, emulators, suspicious IPs and more threats targeting your business. We offer a 360-degree view across all your channels and connected devices of all payment types including cards, Bank to Bank transfers and those initiated by PISPs.

Leading edge, future-proof technology

Cybertonica is a modular platform based on Cloud and Data Science technology. With a market-leading capacity of 1,000 transactions per second with 99.98% SLA and sub-second latency, it will meet your business requirements now, avoid the need to build in-house while future-proofing your risk and fraud prevention. We enable you to achieve meaningful digital transformation at speed with technology that is fully compliant with regulation including GDPR, 3D Secure 2.2, PSD2, SCA, 5MLD, FATCHA, PCI DSS and CTF.

Authentication based on behaviour, not personal data, lowering system exposure and cost

Cybertonica never captures the personal details of your customers. We will not ask for vulnerable data such as email address or driving license to be entered or laboriously uploaded, so there is zero risk of your customer data ever being breached by fraudsters and cyber criminals.

Algorithms, Behavioural Analytics and Data Science are combined to interrogate raw data and model against millions of historical patterns. Customer usage patterns are recognised with astonishing precision and every inconsistency that could suggest an imminent fraud attack is spotted in real-time. Moreover, devious intent is distinguished from unusual requests while devices are checked every few seconds to make sure there is no compromise on security.

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