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Banks and multi-channel systems are protected by OmniReactTM.

Cybertonica OmniReactTM enables banks to become a safe platform for all forms of authentication across all channels.

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Unique Features of OmniReactTM

  • Full SaaS, on-site/on-soil and hybrid SaaS-sited implementations
  • Fully secure e-banking, e-wallet and online networks
  • Mobile banking security
  • Multi-factor Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Automated anomaly and risk detection across channels (cyber-secure)
  • Multi-channel interactive blacklists in realtime
  • Cross-channel device monitoring
  • Reducing internal fraud and risk
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks and compliance
  • Data agnostic filters for unstructured and textual fields
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Features of OmniReactTM

  • SaaS - Risk-Based Authentication (RBA)
  • Transparent cost and liability, easy policy tracking
  • Operational simplicity and transparency of ROI on the system
  • Typical 8 week, low resource integration
  • Fully banking compliant and flexible integration
  • Compatible with or able to replace existing rules-based systems

OmniReactTM presents the collected data through automated and unified Business Impact Dashboard (BID).

Our temporal data visualisation engine BID enables you to save 10% - 20% of incident management costs and handle remediation. It allows your team members to drill down into the detail with automated linking of the events, sources, channels and devices under one umbrella.

BID helps you manage anomalies and risk in a sophisticated way and can be tailored to your business needs.

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BID provides clear and reportable sales and conversion data at a glance.

By using BID you can:

  • See the network of compromised cards, devices and IP addresses with just one click
  • Click on any card, IP-address, device or other unit for instant checks, or inclusion on black, grey and white-listing
  • Investigate the challenged and declined incidents in detail
  • Look down at device level and understand history of any fraud
  • A/B tests and historical data tests for rules adjustment
  • Scripting live rules and exceptional queues for promotions,
    new merchants etc.
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OmniReactTM is intuitive and interactive, and makes clear business impact for banks.

Want to see OmniReactTM and our unique Business Impact Dashboard live? Just click "Book a Demo" and let’s get introduced!

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