Cybertonica is selected to join SAP Global Partner Accelerator

16 March 2020
Press Release
Cybertonica selected to join SAP Global accelerator

Cybertonica, an award-winning platform using Machine Learning and AI to deliver automated advanced authentication, risk analytics and fraud prevention to the payments and FinTech sectors, will join the SAP Global Partner Accelerator. After a rigorous evaluation process, the jury selected 10 companies who are operating in IT, telecommunications, logistics, payments and risk. Cybertonica will be invited to participate with the goal of developing joint solutions with SAP.

SAP Global Partner Accelerator is a joint programme launched by SAP, the Ministry of Communications of Russian Federation and Skolkovo Foundation. The Russian market, where Cybertonica has its main technology team led by Co-Founder Sergey Velts, was the site for the competition and selection, and SAP International, based in Ireland, will support the global relationship with graduates of the programme.

SAP provides participating companies with infrastructure, licenses for development, expert guidance and a legal framework specifically designed to support intellectual property management internationally through collaborative innovative solutions. When Cybertonica successfully completes the 3-month project, its products will be included in the global SAP product catalogue. This will allow up to 40 thousand SAP sales specialists to promote the solutions around the world. In addition, the programme will launch pilot projects with major SAP customers and Cybertonica would become part of the SAP partner ecosystem.

“SAP is a global brand looking to collaborate with Cybertonica as a means to access cutting edge technology and share value of innovative start-ups with their more than 20,000 global customers in banking, payments and risk,” said Joshua Bower-Saul, Cybertonica CEO and Co-Founder. “They show a forward-looking attitude to assuring the best service to their clients and giving them the best of what the FinTech and AI tech can offer. With their unparalleled reach and credibility, SAP’s bringing Cybertonica into the ecosystem means we can leverage a massive customer base and brand equity.”

Well done to the Cybertonica tech and partnership team in the Moscow office for winning this spot among competitors,” said Sergey Velts, Cybertonica CTO and Co-Founder commented. “Cybertonica’s tried and cyber-assured platform Anomalytics™, as well as our new behavioural product ScreenWiZe™ are now entering the major leagues. We have seen other national and international accreditation in the last few months, a sign that we are well on our way to getting a huge return on these last years of innovative and careful product and platform development.”

Andrey Filatov, SAP CIS General Director said: “The accelerator provides participants with a unique opportunity to receive detailed feedback on a business idea or a developed solution from industrial experts, take advantage of the development infrastructure, and expand their knowledge in the field of innovation and technology. I hope that the efforts and investments made by all participants in this project will pay off and, as a result, competitive and sought-after solutions will appear in the local and global markets.”

About Cybertonica

Cybertonica uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to manage risk and fraud, increasing trust and growing frictionless banking and m/e-payments globally. Cybertonica’s service increases conversion and sales by up to 25% while managing card-not-present and other categories of fraud at world-class compliant standards.

Cybertonica has won numerous distinctions and awards since its product came to market, including the “Best Use of Payments Data Award” at Emerging Payments Awards 2018 and the “Best Data Analytics and Science Award” at Merchant Payments Ecosystem Awards 2018. Visit to join us and build the future of Trust in Transaction™.

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