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Powering e/m-commerce growth using
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

A cutting-edge technology partner committed to grow your e/m-commerce business and build your customers’ trust.

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The future of smart e-business transactions.

Trustworthy collaborator committed to protecting your digital payments systems and transaction risk for optimal business results. Pay to increase your results, not just to limit your risk.

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Winner of “The Best DATA Analytics & Science Award” at MPE 2018 and “The Best New Back Office Innovation Award” at EPA 2017

An award-winning technology team that proved its solution and gained recognition through blue-chip contracts and by succeeding in tough markets.

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Cybertonica transforms the way people interact with authentication.

Cybertonica services merchants and platforms to prevent fraud, yes, but our real interest is in creating robust risk scores that can be leveraged to grow the zone of trust for payers and payment systems worldwide. We enhance the e/m-commerce purchasing experience boosting sales, customer satisfaction and long term loyalty. Customers also feel that they are 100% safe online, and they churn less, adding more to baskets (up to 15%!).

Smart customer insights from our risk management platform don't just build trust, they build international businesses.

Our Business Impact Dashboard (BID) is a tailored risk-based authentication hub. Here you can analyse events across all channels of your business at any given time, with far-reaching insights not available with other solutions in the market. We help your business grow by building a complete picture through our Business Impact Dashboard (BID) , this is realtime absolute transparency on the sources of payments, transactions and risk in a digital banking and payments world.

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Fraud prevention was a cost, now it has real Return on Investment (ROI), meaning new services and features for your customers.

Cybertonica helps banks, payment service providers (PSPs), e-payments platforms, and e-merchants overcome the security challenges they face. Our flexible scripted and hybrid contextual rules can be scripted to make hypersegments appear out of the full data spectrum. The Cybertonica platform makes it easier and faster to do more business with less risk. We free up time to focus on core business activity while training your fraud analysts to share insights across the business about trends, customer segments and marketing results.

Imagine a cyber-secure business impact technology that can serve the banking and payments industries with a robust realtime alert system anywhere in the world!

  • Our AI technology is SaaS, cloud-based and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cybertonica is a single hub to manage all transaction risk, anomaly detection and risk alerts in your business
  • Unique in the market, our cross channel transaction monitoring platform is big and strong enough to ensure full fraud and internal fraud prevention for the biggest banks in Europe, but also easy and flexible enough to be used by small e-merchants
  • Cybertonica makes all transaction systems smooth, intelligent and fraud-free
  • Our technology is fast and realtime, and scalable to billions of events per day
  • Our hybrid solution is easy to integrate and work well with your existing systems, even with incumbent rule systems that are no longer adequate alone

Our existing client increased sales by $36m and decreased chargebacks and fraud by 80% with Cybertonica

We are a business impact technology solution for the banking and payments industries.

  • Our Business Impact Dashboard (BID) provides instant overview of your transaction activity and drill down into the detail, so you can make optimisation happen
  • Our unique temporal data visualisation engine time-marks every event and maps anomalies and incidents, making incident management easier than ever
  • Our rules are flexible and self-adjustable, so you will never miss out on transactions during seasonal events, due to temporary exclusions or first-time buyers
  • Cybertonica is your business partner, providing support and expertise along the way, ensuring the solution continues to meet your needs and conditions of your markets
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Our Awards & Achievements

Selected as one of the FinTech
Europe 2018 companies
Winner of MPE 2018 - Best DATA
Analytics & Science Award
Winner of EPA Awards
Selected as one of the European
FinTech 100 companies
Identified among the top cybersecurity
AI companies by CB Insights
Shortlisted for EPA
Awards 2017
Selected for the Cisco London
innovation hub
Cybersecurity Challenge 2016 Cisco - IBM prize winner
Qualified for the prestigious
NVIDIA Inception program
Startup to Watch 2016
by Tech.London
Part of Startupbootcamp FinTech
London 2015 cohort
Second place in Moscow Positive
Hack Days V 2015 competition

It is time to grow your business and manage your risk with Cybertonica.

Our team of highly specialised technologists and financial services and digital payments experts has developed an amazing AI fraud prevention technology for the banking and e-payments industries that can help unlock huge potential. Our combined experience of the sector means we know the needs of our clients better than anyone in the market, and are uniquely placed to transform the customer experience.

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