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Your Complete 360° Fraud Prevention Solution

Our products provide fraud & risk monitoring on real-time automation and decision based on machine learning and enhanced behavioural insights.


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Build Revenue. Reduce Fraud. Protect Customers.

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Increase Conversions

Increase revenue by up to 25% with intelligent fraud & risk management.

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Reduce Fraud & Chargebacks

Lower fraud & chargebacks by up to 70% and reduce false positives by up to 80%.

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Automate Fraud & Risk Decisions

Save up to 40% on costs of fraud and risk management.

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Custom Integrations

Tailored fraud & risk management with expert consultancy to meet your specific business needs.

Your Complete 360° Fraud Prevention Solution

Your business is as strong (and as successful) as your solution systems are. Adamant rules present your company with some of the biggest blockages to your growth objectives and customer satisfaction outcomes. Nowadays, fraudsters know how to break these binary fraud rules and consequently, their outdated risk systems.

Our intelligent fraud and risk monitoring solution has been designed to offer you the optimal tools such as advanced behavioural biometrics and an eCommerce fraud prevention solution. Our platform creates seamless user journeys to enhance your customers’ experience and revenue.

Our unique rule editor and testing module mean you don’t have to wait for improvements, you can own and implement them with the system. The resulting intelligent data insights mean unique tailored solutions are available in real-time in payments and FinTech.

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Speed is the name of the game

  • Detect fraud and receive instant alerts about suspicious payments or user entities.
  • Offers ultimate security bank fraud check
  • Built-in real-time rules editing and testing.
  • Receive AML alerts in less than one second.
  • Predict threats and chargebacks before they arise.
  • Expose compliance risks.
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Optimize fraud operations, improve business results with automated 360° fraud & risk prevention.


Lock fraud out, lock profits in with enhanced behavioural biometrics.


Combat Friendly Fraud and Chargebacks

Cybertonica is backed by Europe’s most successful venture firms
and a network of angel investors.

Experience Cybertonica Now

Our highly specialised digital payment and technology team has created a state-of-the-art fraud prevention and risk management solution.

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New For 2024!

Cybertonica partners with FraudDeflect USA to offer new Chargebackmitigation tools for Merchants, ISOs, and Payments Processors.
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