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No more compromises

Outdated risk systems and binary fraud rules are holding back the growth of your business. Cybertonica’s intelligent risk and fraud management platform offers advanced behavioural authentication that creates frictionless user journeys and increases your profitability. No more building operations, commercial models and customer experience around fear and compromise.

More informed risk decision-making also means that financial institutions and fintechs can be confident in extending their solutions to more people for whom financial services may have been inaccessible or too costly.

There’s also no compromise with data privacy. As well as being fully compliant with industry regulations, Cybertonica never captures the personal details of your customers. We will not ask for vulnerable data such as email address or driving license to be entered or laboriously uploaded, so there is zero risk of your customer data ever being breached by us.

Choosing Cybertonica means:

  • No compromise on security or profitability
  • No compromise on customer experience or privacy
  • No compromise on our collective need for financial inclusion
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Act fast on instant alerts

  • Detect fraud and receive alerts as suspicious events occur
  • Receive AML alerts in less than one second
  • Predict threats and chargebacks before they arise
  • Expose compliance risks
Cybertonica Dashboard

Reduce costs of fraud and non-compliance

Remove business from Visa and Mastercard high-risk monitoring programs

Lower operational costs by automating the majority of fraud management tasks

Reduce fraud and chargebacks by up to 70% through greater accuracy of risk measurement

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Large scale fraud protection, AML and compliance across all channels for financial institutions and fintechs.


Fraud and cyber threat detection through continuous behavioural authentication across all channels for merchants and financial institutions.


Customer, merchant and paytech monitoring solution increasing the efficiency of Fraud & Risk teams, enabling higher conversion and profits for gateways, acquirers, merchants

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