Powered by ML-driven Behavioural Biometrics and Fraud Detection Solution

Real-time behavioural data analysis delivering significant fraud reduction while protecting transactions, user accounts and devices from bots, malware and cyber threats.

Benefits For Your Business

Payment icon for decreasing fraud by Identifing rogue actors & friendly fraud and detect cyber, bot, and malware threats.

Easily detect and prevent cyber threats, attacks and fraud.

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Get comprehensive real-time analytics into cyber threats, active sessions, and user behaviour biometrics.

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Decrease false positives by over 80%.

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Achieve up to 70% reduction in the need for secondary authentication.

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Protect revenue channels by reducing basket drop-off, increasing conversion through our fraud detection solution.

FraudLock360 offers real-time behavioural data analysis delivering fraud reduction while securing payment systems and user accounts, protecting your revenue, cyber threats, cyber attacks, locking fraud out.

Our behavioural technology and threat intelligence capabilities deliver actionable insights for enhanced fraud detection and risk protection.

Authenticate while preserving privacy and protect from cyber threats

Devices are the interface most often compromised. FraudLock360 ensures that only legitimate users and secured devices gain access to your transaction platform through ML-driven Behavioural Biometrics. Our technology protects users’ real-world identity and their devices under GDPR.

User and device behaviours captured

We capture hundreds of behavioural data points per user to continuously authenticate both the user and their device for the duration of their interaction on any interface (pad, screen or mouse), such as:

On the laptop/desktop: Mouse movements, speed of typing, keystroke pressure.

On the phone or tablet: Speed and acceleration, height, angle, the status of the device, use of touch screen, gyroscopic movements, etc.

FraudLock360™ mobile and tablet dashboard layout

Threats detected

Through real-time continuous behavioural authentication, threats and fraud can be detected with laser-like accuracy, including:

  • Threats: Cyber threat intelligence and alerts, malware, bots, spyware, trojans, web injections and rogue scripts, data harvesting, dark web monitoring.
  • Fraud: Account takeover, peer-to-peer, stolen cards, identity theft, friendly, payments, and internal fraud.
FraudLock360™ laptop dashboard layout

Third Party Data Enrichment

  As well as the risk based authentication (RBA) detailed above, Cybertonica’s single API platform:

  • Devices and users with past exposure to cyber hreads.
  • Previous participation in fraudulent networks.
  • Customised alert types specific to your industry.
  • IP address and full device fingerprints.
Lock Fraud Out of Your Business
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