The Ultimate 360° Fraud & Risk Management Solution

An enterprise-level fraud and risk monitoring product designed to provide real-time actionable insights through advanced machine learning and enhanced behavioural analytics.

Benefits For Your Business

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Save up to 40% on costs of fraud and risk management.

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Reduce false-positives by up to 80%.

Reduce fraud losses icon

Lower fraud and risk chargebacks by up to 70%.

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Increase revenue by up to 25% with intelligent fraud and risk management.

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Increase fraud accuracy with behavioral biometrics and device safety scores.

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Identify rogue actors with user trustworthiness scores.

As a strategic partner to payments institutions and fintech, FraudSuite360TM is adopted by global acquiring and issuing banks as well as payment processors to detect suspicious activity and anomalies with laser-like accuracy thereby significantly reducing fraud while creating smooth end-user journeys.

FraudSuite360TM brings fraud detection and risk monitoring together in a cutting-edge solution to deliver fraud and financial crime prevention while reducing costs for your business.

FraudSuite360TM has delivered proven results for clients including the ability to:

  • Monitor and detect security bank fraud as well as suspicious transactions and individual merchant performance.
  • Track risk limits and automate alert generation, reporting, and analysis.
  • Provide fraud and risk management strategies.
  • Manage PSD2-related PISP exemptions and reporting across all channels.
  • Provide KYC and other compliance checks.
  • Decline high-risk transactions with precision in real-time, protecting revenue.
  • Monitor and apply security policies and spending limits in real-time.
  • Automate alert generation for risk, fraud, and customer service teams, built-in reporting and account analysis.
  • Manage risk-based authentication challenges triggering 3DS/SCA flows.
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FraudSuite360TM provides an environment for fraud and risk teams to manage diverse portfolios and identifies merchant risk with ease. By providing 360-degree insights in one solution, FraudSuite360TM creates an orchestration of internal and external third-party business and risk data for better decisions using resources such as CRM, KYC, AML, and Dark Web data.

Algorithms, Behavioural Analytics, and Data Science are combined to interrogate raw data and models against millions of historical patterns; whilst exposing deep fakes and sophisticated multi-channel fraud using machine learning.

Leverage Fraud and Risk Management as a Growth Tool

Enhance FraudSuite360TM with our behavioural analytics add-on, FraudLock360TM. Obtain comprehensive real-time behavioural data analysis that delivers fraud and risk management reduction while securing payment systems, chargebacks and user accounts.



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