FraudSuite360™ for FinTech

A standardised product tailored to enterprise-level fraud and transaction monitoring built for digital issuing banks to provide compliance, AML and device authentication with real-time 360° insights.

Future Proof Your Issuing Operations

Many FinTechs have built great payment and issuing platforms without integrating a robust standard tool for all their risk, AML, compliance, and fraud requirements.

Cybertonica provides this unified platform to neobanks, eWallets, and other regulatory approved actors, making their licensing and risk arrangements more secure. Leverage our cross-channel transaction monitoring technology that speeds up digital transformation and drastically reduces risk and fraud costs for FinTech. We’re allowing your teams to manage customers across multiple jurisdictions identifying fraud, compliance, and KYC issues.

Benefits For Your Business

Unify compliance and fraud risk tools on one API and unified dashboard.

Save up to 40% on costs of fraud and risk management.

Reduce false-positives by up to 80%.

Lower fraud and chargebacks by up to 70%.

Increase revenue by up to 25% with intelligent fraud and risk management.

Increase fraud accuracy with behavioral biometrics and device safety scores.

Identify rogue actors with user trustworthiness scores.

Use 3rd party data to enrich BNPL offers, credit applications etc.

Cutting-edge fraud and risk management to make your business future proof

  • Manage high-risk transactions in real-time, protect customers, and beat fraudsters 99% of the time.
  • Monitor and apply security policies and spending limits in real-time with easy updates.
  • Automated alert generation for risk, fraud, and customer service teams, built-in reporting, and account analysis.
  • Transaction Risk Analysis supporting PDS2 exemption decisions across all channels.

Reduce costs of compliance, get more security and protect revenue

Our FraudSuite360™ risk-based authentication supports your compliance with the regulator’s requirements and card scheme rules, saving you time while reducing non-compliance penalties.

  • Risk-based authentication provides compliance with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under PSD2.
  • Reduce issues with KYC, AML, PEPS and sanction compliance.
  • Quickly resolve issues with Visa and Mastercard fraud limits and avoid participation in their high-risk programs.

Why FraudSuite360™?

FraudSuite360™ from Cybertonica is a cutting-edge monitoring solution using advanced ML techniques to rapidly increase the efficiency of Compliance, Fraud & Risk teams. Choosing our product means coordinating your risk function and automating decisions with higher accuracy in fraud detection at all entry points and better risk decisions helping to minimise the cost for your business.

FraudSuite360™ includes an option to strengthen its capabilities with powerful add-ons delivered by our FraudLock360™ package.

Powerful add-ons with FraudLock360™
Lock Fraud Out, Lock Profits In

FraudLock360™ offers real-time behavioural data analysis delivering fraud reduction while securing payment systems and user accounts. Through continuous behavioural authentication, our high-performance system detects threats and fraud with laser-like accuracy and authenticates while preserving privacy.

Lock Fraud Out of Your Business
Let Cybertonica protect your business and customers starting today.
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