eComm360™ for eCommerce Fraud Protection

Automated threat detection, risk management & fraud prevention solution for merchants across the eCommerce industry.

Fraud and Cyber Threat Protection for eCommerce

Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated tools and methods of attack against merchants. The methods of overloading online businesses with account takeovers, new account fraud and bot attacks can only be defeated by automated vigilance.

It is important that your business is protected. That’s why we’re monitoring up to millions of transactions per day to give the level of banking accuracy of our solutions to online shops and platforms.

How Cybertonica can help

Cybertonica can cost effectively reduce chargebacks with early detection & prevent fraudulent transactions before they occur. We enable you to monitor cyber and order risk in real-time, and get full visibility of compromised devices and rogue actors.

Our eComm360 Fraud Prevention solution enables merchants to provide a smooth, frictionless customer shopping experience while rapidly improving efficiency and reducing fraud-related cost to increase profitability.

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Benefits For Your Business

cut costs

Automated fraud protection reduces costly chargebacks and fraud losses by up to 40%.

Behavioural biometrics

Real-time threat detection which cost-effectively monitors up to 1,000 transactions per second.

Cyber threats

Receive and customise actionable instant alerts when high-risk transactions occur.

Risk management strategies

Highly accurate order scoring & authentication to minimise false declines.

Fraud detection solution

Get comprehensive real-time analytics into threats, active sessions and user behaviour.

know your customer

Plus 24/7 support with our dedicated support team.

Why eComm360 Fraud Prevention?

Our solution for eMerchants provides actionable insights into your cyber and fraud risk in one integrated easy solution. Stop outdated fraud and risk protection systems from holding back the growth of your store. Our high-performance systems detect threats with laser-like accuracy including malware, bots and other cyber threats.

Enterprise-level eCommerce Fraud & Risk Solution

Are you an enterprise level eCommerce store or a “click and mortar” operation?  Check out our FraudSuite360 solution and contact us for a quick review of how we can protect your many channels through a single hub. 

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