FraudSuite360™ for Payments

FraudSuite360™ is an enterprise-level, real-time fraud and risk monitoring product built for global acquiring banks and gateways to provide 360° insights to detect and reduce fraud, chargebacks and merchant risk with ease.

Future Proof Your Acquiring Operations

Merchant attrition and high volumes of false positives faced by acquirers and payment services cause billions of dollars of lost revenue. With FraudSuite360™ we provide merchants with a 360-degree view of their merchants’ businesses, monitoring risky behaviour in real-time to report with confidence and assurance.

Harness the power of ML-based behavioural biometrics technology to proactively monitor merchant accounts and transactional behaviour in real-time to combat fraud and cyber threats while optimising merchant risk.

Benefits For Your Business

Save up to 40% on costs of fraud and risk management.

Reduce false-positives by up to 80%.

Lower fraud and chargebacks by up to 70%.

Increase revenue by up to 25% with intelligent fraud and risk management.

Increase fraud accuracy with behavioral biometrics and device safety scores.

Identify rogue actors & friendly fraud and detect cyber, bot, and malware threats.

Leverage fraud and risk management for business success

  • Monitor suspicious transactions in real-time to manage risk and avoid penalties.
  • Track risk limits and automate alert generation, reporting, and analysis.
  • Manage PSD2-related PISP exemptions and reporting across all channels.
  • Provide KYC and other third party enrichment including compliance checks.

Reduce costs of compliance, get more security and protect revenue

  • Automatically provides merchant-clients with their fraud & chargeback risks, allowing improved control.
  • Gives authorised members immediate rule editing and testing capability to optimise conversion and risk ratios.
  • Risk-based authentication enables TRA based exemptions optimising SCA under PSD2.
  • Easy integration with third party data via single open API.

Why FraudSuite360™?

FraudSuite360™ from Cybertonica is a cutting-edge monitoring solution using advanced ML techniques to enhance performance and ease of work for Fraud & Risk teams. This means higher accuracy in fraud detection and better risk decisions to optimise every second of the risk-reward trade-off in payments.

Make your risk team a profit centre!

FraudSuite360™ includes an option to strengthen its capabilities with powerful add-ons delivered by our FraudLock360™ package or through 3rd party integrations.

Powerful add-ons with FraudLock360™
Lock Fraud Out, Lock Profits In

FraudLock360™ offers real-time behavioural data analysis delivering additional fraud reduction while securing payment systems and user accounts. Through continuous behavioural authentication, our high-performance system detects threats and fraud with laser accuracy and authenticates while preserving privacy. Our product is compatible with any existing Fraud management package as a data feed and analytics module and works to enrich any installed rules-based fraud and risk management system you have in place.

Lock Fraud Out of Your Business
Let Cybertonica protect your business and customers starting today.
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