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Friction from redundant authentication causes basket drop-off rates to soar and costs merchants and their PSP/acquirer partners up to 42% of potential sales.*

All banks, PSPs, e-merchants and acquirers know that consumers don't want complex secondary authentication damaging their experience. Cybertonica eliminates the friction in digital payments by providing consumers with simpler, faster and secure online banking and payment experiences: whether transferring money or reserving airline tickets online – we know who they are and recognise their behaviour.

*Amex Digital Payments Security Survey (2016)
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The world is moving massively to e/m-commerce, and the global incidences of Card Not Present fraud are skyrocketing with online fraud losses reaching almost $60 billion in 2017.*

Fraud management absorbs the time and money of every business in digital payment chain, and limits your ability to focus on what matters most: your customers, products and services. Cybertonica fraud management solutions enable you to:

  • Not loose money to false positives, chargebacks and fraudsters
  • Oversee incidents and chargebacks, review transactions and create detailed reports for your card schemes and e-merchants
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  • Comply with regulations, privacy, KYC and AML
  • Build trust with your existing and first time customers and grow cross border transaction volume securely

Above all, with realtime information and flexible interface, you can use the tool to understand your good customers even better, while weeding out the bad.

PYMNTS, The Global Fraud Index™ (2017)

Don't just take our word for it...

Before the integration with Cybertonica, the PSP was processing only 10% of the operator's transactions, but after the business results came through, the operator rewarded the PSP with 90% of the payments traffic.

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Cybertonica's got your back.

We have a proven technology that can make a huge positive impact on your business. Contact us now to maintain successful business growth with Cybertonica!

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