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Cybertonica is an award-winning international platform for the management of automated risk, AML, compliance, and fraud detection.

Through continuous authentication, data science and ML, friction is eliminated for legitimate users and payment agents while automation delivers huge efficiencies in managing fraud and risk.

Cybertonica, Your Complete 360° Fraud & Risk Solution


  • Intelligent platform for the management of risk, AML, compliance, and fraud detection for FinTech & financial institutions.
  • Globally prevents fraud on millions of unique devices 24/7.
  • Unique combined solution offering behavioural and transactional fraud protection.
  • Meets regulatory compliance requirements of PSD2, 3D Secure 2.2, and SCA.

Our Competitive Edge

Our competitive, unique edge beats out most rival systems by using flexible intelligent technology that combines behavioural biometric analysis, rules modelling and machine learning risk scoring.

Imagine real-time rules editing and testing with data analysis at the click of your mouse, making fraud and risk management easy and effective.

Cybertonica works as a SaaS, hybrid or on-premise cloud solution and can be integrated into existing payment, financial and banking services by modules or as a platform with orchestrated risk, cyberthreat and fraud services.

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Behavioural Biometric Data to Enrich Your Solutions


Our products FraudSuite360TM and FraudLock360TM (with biometrics) have been built to be complementary to your solutions and also future proof and fully adaptable to your requirements. We are fully certified and ensure that you are fully compliant and versatile in tackling cyberthreats and organised fraudsters across whichever unified platform you choose.

Whichever digital payment, banking or merchant industry your business is serving, our specific acquiring and issuing toolsets enable all risk, compliance and fraud management to be easily automated and available centrally.

Lock Fraud Out of Your Business

Let Cybertonica protect your business and customers starting today.
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