Cybertonica launches a new product suite and unveils an exciting new brand identity

29 May 2019
Press Release
New Cybertonica website

Cybertonica, leading AI fraud and risk management company, has today launched a new product suite and unveiled an exciting new brand identity. Following the launch, CEO and Co-Founder Joshua Bower-Saultogether with CTO and Co-Founder Sergey Velts, revealed more about why the Company is repositioning itself for growth in the dynamic market and the benefits this will bring to customers and stakeholders in the Payments and FinTech industries. 

New brand to debut at Money20/20

Launching Cybertonica’s new website communicates our vision for the future and showcases the growth of our product suite. Clearly making ourselves more visible provides new recognition for our growing revolutionary transaction risk and authentication business.

What does the new brand mean for Cybertonica’s business vision?

Today marks an important milestone in Cybertonica’s journey and brand. Back in 2015 we introduced a new way of interacting with authentication, fraud detection and payment authorisation using multiple data streams to do real-time risk detection. Back then, Cybertonica already was an un-ruly challenger using ML and AI in new ways in the payments and banking industries. Today, more than 2 billion processed payments later, we position our brand as a leader in building Trust in TransactionTM. This rebrand for Cybertonica is not merely symbolic, it captures our vision and shows how our team and customers are entering a new phase of realising our vision, from being clever with risk data to providing a global platform offering data leverage and real business benefits. Our risk-tuned relevance to the actors in the Transaction world is now accepted. All this with products ideally suited to cover all requirements in the PSD2 era. Cybertonica is building an optimised customer experience that reduces friction across the e/m-Commerce space and offers new products to neo and incumbent online banking from a single source.

Cybertonica has a high performance and expert risk management SaaS platform and the new client-side behavioural and biometrics is integrated into its Anomalytics™ and ScreenWiZe™ products. Our standard GoFrictionless™ offering can be upgraded to this level of functionality with a short API update. 

We are convinced that the convergence of data, risk and payment experience that we are pursuing merits a new and future-focused design and a brand that is as bold as our potential. Like our products, it is un-ruly and decision-precision combined. We are a Company where “Innovation is our shared language”.

New brand to reflect Cybertonica’s ambitious growth, driven by the vision of risk management as a service

In a complex interwoven payments and banking world, the barbed-wire of static rules must give way to the dynamic flow of real-time data-driven authentication and risk management to keep pace with the evolution in payments and FinTech.  

In our logo and branding, the entity or individual is at the centre but is also allowed to maintain their anonymity and let their encrypted, tokenised data do the talking. It is the mosaic of data around the person that ensures anonymous but accurate access to a world of frictionless commerce and risk-free transactions. At the same time the individual’s anonymity is the keylock to their cybersecurity in transaction and assures world-leading privacy.

Cybertonica will champion this vision of using the math and behaviour to allow for removing all but the most essential rules driving risk assessment in diverse situations across the payment and risk spectrum. Our team have engaged the market to achieve this new level of exponential growth bringing our benefits to more customers and to their customers.

Cybertonica’s bold vision to bring “Trust in Transaction” 

At Cybertonica, we are the un-ruly experts, giving rules their proper power back by making them dynamic and real world, transparent and fair. We aim to work together with the industry to make the transaction world a trusted space and commerce smoother. We want those in under-banked countries also to access the power of transaction and get the trust they deserve.

For those venturing into e-business and digital banking, risk deserves reward. We want to make transaction a right, and reward those taking risk to spread the benefit of commerce, to free people of useless barriers, take old-style suspicion out of the equation using data science. It’s behaviour that drives risk, and behaviour can be measured proactively and anonymously. We believe we can lead the competition in these areas due to our diverse and multinational team’s global domain experience.You do not need to know the name of a driver to understand that 80km per hour in a city street is high risk. Think of us as the autonomous car on the roads of riskiness, helping frictionless commerce while limiting accidents to close to zero.

Learn more at Money20/20 Europe directly from the founders and the team

Cybertonica is kicking off its branding debut at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam from June 3rd – 5th. Our team is looking forward to meeting you at our booth H121 and introducing our new products Anomalytics™, ScreenWiZe™ and demonstrating GoFrictionless™ powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Come see how the world will manage transaction risk, authentication seamlessly while increasing revenues and transaction freedom for all stakeholders. Contact us at to schedule a meeting at Money20/20.

About Cybertonica 

Cybertonica uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to manage risk and fraud, increasing trust and growing frictionless banking and m/e-payments globally. Cybertonica’s service increases conversion and sales by up to 25% while managing card-not-present and other categories of fraud at world-class compliant standards. Our goal is to build Trust in TransactionTM.

Cybertonica has won numerous distinctions and awards since its product came to market, including the “Best Use of Payments Data Award” at Emerging Payments Awards 2018 and the “Best Data Analytics and Science Award” at Merchant Payments Ecosystem Awards 2018. Cybertonica also was named finalist for the “FinTech Start-up of the Year Award” at EWPN Awards 2019 and received the “Best New Back Office Innovation Award” at the Emerging Payments Awards 2017.

Our new ScreenWiZe™ product adds device risk management through SDKs (iOS and Android) to the mobile authentication and malware prevention capabilities of our customers whether banks, acquirers, merchants or transactions security. We are PSD2 ready and GDPR compliant. Cybertonica’s vision is for a world of frictionless transaction and trust in 99.9% of transactions. Visit to join us and build the future of Trust in TransactionTM.

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