Protecting financial institutions and fintechs from large-scale fraud while ensuring compliance across all channels, transactions and authentication operations.


Reduce cost of managing transaction risk and compliance by up to 40%

Increase in sales by up to 15% within just eight weeks

70 – 90% reduction in the need for high-friction secondary authentication

Reduce false positives by up to 80%

Up to 40% savings in risk-related OPEX

Reduced fraud and chargebacks costs by up to 70%

Rich data and latest trends

Our fraud models are updated multiple times daily to keep up with emerging trends and threats in financial crime, such as credential stuffing which has accounted for up to 75% of all attacks against APIs in recent months. In addition, with just a day’s training your team can learn to update rule sets within minutes using our customer interface.

We connect to Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs) that are central resources for gathering and sharing information on cyber threats to further strengthen your protection. Verified threats are automatically integrated by the system in case of server attacks or global hacks.

AnomalyticsTM can also incorporate real-time transactions, relevant endpoints system or client-side device monitoring to provide insights for decisioning that protect your business, customers and reputation.

Future-proof compliance

  • Achieve PSD2-SCA compliance with risk-based authentication
  • Meet Visa and Mastercard fraud and risk monitoring standards and avoid participation in their high-risk programs
  • Manage PSD2-related PISP limits and reporting across all channels
  • Lower your regulatory spending by up to 30% through adaptive compliance

Get more from your data

  • Analyse your historical risk and fraud data to identify specific patterns and create rules on the fly that are likely to be most impactful in reducing risk and fraud in the future
  • Integrate with your CRM and accounting systems for additional customer insights
  • Share big data analytics with internal data consumers such as marketing, revenue generation and risk management teams

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