Cybertonica for the Banking Industry

Cybertonica offers cross-channel transaction monitoring technology that speeds up digital transformation and drastically reduces risk and fraud costs for banks.


Lower risk-related remediation and customer service costs

Cut down operational costs by up to 50% through automation of fraud and risk processes

Reduce chargebacks by up to 70%

Decrease fraud and false positives by up to 80% with greater accuracy of risk measurement


Minimise fraud losses and operational costs

Outdated and costly risk systems with binary fraud rules are holding back the ability of banks and financial institutions to compete in today’s competitive fintech world. Despite the wealth of data available through their payment and customer systems, legacy fraud systems cannot harness it to provide real-time, actionable insights.

Cybertonica helps banks and financial institutions improve business performance and profitability by:

  • Reducing on-boarding and service friction in the customer experience
  • Managing AML and other compliance risks in one environment with real-time alerts
  • Creating competitive advantage and accelerating product development by unlocking business, risk and marketing insights

A single view across all banking operations

Cybertonica helps banks overcome organisational complexities through automatic transaction monitoring and data synchronisation. Our deep expertise in the rapid integration of third-party data providers, compliance and reporting means implementation is possible within two weeks rather than several months. Quickly achieve a consolidated view through a centralised hub of all business channels and diverse data sources across your entire network for management efficiency and decision-making.

Manage complex compliance

Compliance is becoming increasingly complex for banks with industry-specific regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering rules. The challenge of compliance is even greater for banks that rely on manual processes to track and manage these requirements.

Cybertonica provides your compliance team with automated systems driven by Data Science to help you:

  • Meet all current regulatory and system audit requirements
  • Avoid compliance issues, fines and AML violations
  • Prevent internal fraud risk leading to reputational damage
  • Use Opening Banking data to determine legality of transfers

Cybertonica is a modular platform based on Cloud and Data Science technology. It is designed to meet your needs now, avoid the need to build in-house, while future-proofing your risk and fraud prevention. We enable you to achieve meaningful digital transformation at speed with technology that is fully compliant with regulation including GDPR, 3D Secure 2.2, PSD2, SCA, 5MLD, FATCHA, PCI DSS and CTF.

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Large scale fraud protection, AML and compliance across all channels for financial institutions and fintechs.

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