Outstanding fraud prevention and risk optimisation with real-time 360-degree insights across payment channels for gateways, paytechs, acquirers and merchants.


Automatically expose bad actors in real-time and avoid Mastercard and Visa high-risk penalties

Cut potential fraud in credit applications, onboarding verifications and KYC monitoring

Monitor risk limits and automate alert generation, reporting and analysis

Manage PSD2-related PISP limits and reporting across all channels

Business Impact Dashboard

The GoFrictionless™ Business Impact dashboard enables operators to manage fraud and risk of each customer or merchant through the intuitive user interface. Your internal displays and CRM can be built specifically to your requirements and adjust risk appetite. Through the dashboard, you can:

  • Maintain business rules and lists
  • Manage day-to-day risk and fraud
  • Access business risk reporting
  • View daily performance alerts
  • Monitor product portfolio and overall business risk performance


Reduce fraud and chargebacks


Save the cost of managing risk and fraud


Minimise deposit holdings


Reduce false positives

Reduce costs of compliance

Our GoFrictionlessTM risk-based authentication supports your compliance with regulatory and scheme rules, saving you time and reducing non-compliance penalties.

  • Risk-based authentication provides compliance with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under PSD2
  • Reduce issues with KYC, AML, PEPS and sanction compliance
  • Quickly resolve issues with Visa and MasterCard fraud limits and avoid participation in their high-risk programs

Rich data and latest trends

Our fraud models are updated multiple times daily to keep up with emerging trends and threats in financial and online crime.

We connect to Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs) that are central resources for gathering and sharing information on cyber threats to further strengthen your protection.

GoFrictionlessTM can also incorporate real-time transactions, relevant events in your system or devices connected to your platform to provide additional insights for making decisions that better protect your business, customers and reputation.

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