Good Bots and Bad Bots: Know the Difference

1 July 2021
Good bots and bad bots whats the difference
Good Bots and Bad Bots – Know the Difference

“You’ve got bots? Bots are hot. Do you know what bots you got?”

Fraud Bots, the Grinch of Online Shopping. Experiencing malicious web traffic which is dragging down your shop’s performance? Or spammed with fake login attempts using stolen credentials? Welcome to the world of the “bad bots”. There are “good bots” that link you to customers or put your shop into the nice feeds on social media. We are after the “bad bots” and want you to be protected against their negative power.

Don’t Let Bad Bots Take Over Your eCommerce Store

Fraudster bots are a nuisance. They can be used to attack your store by:

  • Auto filling online carts with items and abandoning them to test the security of the #checkout process. This reduces the stock available for legitimate customers. 
  • Testing stolen credit card numbers against a #merchant’s payment processes. They do this by spamming your site with login attempts using stolen credentials from other sites. 
  • Overloading your store’s checkout process. This leads to more #chargebacks, causing friction and cost with disputed transactions and refunds.
  • Simulating purchases. This way fraudsters can get refunds on products that they purchased.
  • Scraping data from online stores to trick loyal customers into giving up their own payment data. Thereby, damaging your business’s reputation in the process.
  • Redirecting your traffic to a competitor or a fraudulent website.

Stop Bad Actors from Running All Over Your Shop!

The execution speed of bot-powered attacks make it difficult for merchants to identify these threats. The time it takes a fraud team to identify a bot breach, often through a chargeback, allows the perpetrator to disappear with the order under the radar. Merchants need to leverage intelligent fraud prevention tools to better protect their business from #badbots.

Putting the Bots to Bed

We’ve got you covered! Cybertonica’s eComm360TM Fraud Prevention app on Shopify now provides bot mitigation and dark web monitoring. Our new features come at no additional cost to our existing users. And, this includes all new accounts created before July 31st.

Bot mitigation technology ensures that your shop is protected against malicious bots, cyber threats and fraudsters. Our intelligent API detects and registers bot-powered threats and defends against advanced bot activity on your store in real time.

Fast, accurate categorisation of bot traffic allows for automatic identification of malicious threats. This is without adding friction to the customer journey or impacting user privacy. 

The Dangers of the Dark Web

Today, people typically share sensitive personal information – including financial details – with online organisations. As individuals, this requires us to place great trust that our information is securely processed and stored. 

Fraudsters and hackers scan and scam millions of identities a week. They expose and sell these individuals’ personal data on the dark web. How could each of us monitor and defend ourselves against the dark web? Without access to the technical knowledge of the criminal data sales and “scams for sale” sites?

Fraudulent actors continuously monitor and index millions of dark web pages to share breached credentials, at the expense of consumers without their knowledge.

The Need for Cyber Protection is Paramount for Peace of Mind: Dark Web Monitoring

eComm360 now facilitates advanced order scoring and cyber threat protection using dark web data. We continuously analyse the dark web through automated data feeds. Thereby, identifying any breached credentials that fraudsters use in your store. These include, card details, email addresses, phone numbers and shipping addresses.

With eComm360 from Cybertonica, you’ll sleep better, knowing we are on watch 24/7 and will alert you to take action to prevent reputational or financial harm. 

Try eComm360 Fraud Prevention App today on Shopify!  

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