International Women’s Day, and Why Diversity is Key

8 March 2021
A portrait of a woman for the International women's Day

This International Women’s Day, Cybertonica recognises the talents, energy and technical skills of the women we work with every day! #Diversity to us is vital to our success. As a member of our industry and working to stay aware of all the new data concerning such topics as Algorithmic bias, Cybertonica knows that by tackling discriminatory practices we are improving the accuracy of our machine learning and #AI components. This will make the world a fairer and more human-friendly environment online. We still have a way to go, but we are working to reach a more inclusive workforce every day.

By empowering women to succeed, we all succeed

This allows us to focus on valuable new skill sets and experiences. Hence to produce efficient as well as accurate solutions to reduce #fraud and manage #risk. We also see that #payments and risk are areas where women have fewer barriers than in other fields. Therefore we are glad to participate in expanding those opportunities. In 2020, 75% of our new hires were women. Cybertonica has almost 50% women in its technology and product teams. While our Chairperson Jane Butler serves as a guide and a role model in this respect. 

This International Women’s Day, we raise a virtual glass to the women supporting our success at Cybertonica, to those supporting our industry and lifting each other up to shatter the glass ceilings.

Undoubtedly, it’s not just about us though. We encourage everyone in our industry to put up their standards for diversity and publish regular transparent information. This helps to focus training for women who want to join our data-driven world and improve it for everyone. Now, we have the chance to make social change a priority, through unlocking gender equality and creating inclusive #technology. 

To all women out there, in technology, in every path of life or pursuing your growth in other ways, enjoy this special day of recognition and festivities.  We believe in and are supporting a better future for you and for all of us, with your help and engagement.


Cybertonica is a fast-growth, award-winning platform for the management of risk, AML, compliance and fraud detection. Through continuous authentication, friction is eliminated for legitimate users and payment agents, while automation delivers huge efficiencies in managing fraud prevention. Cybertonica builds integrity into payments, banking and online trade with a single unified risk and fraud management environment.

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