Cybertonica for the Online Gaming and Digital Entertainment Industry

Cybertonica drastically reduces the impact of risk and fraud while removing customer friction so you can convert more customers and build brand loyalty with no compromises in your regulatory responsibilities, privacy or security.


Lower risk-related OPEX by up to 40%

Reduced fraud and chargebacks by up to 70%

Connected player account recognition identifies customers by their activity and not just their user credentials

Savings of up to 80% on fraud losses caused by gaming and cyber BOTs, malware and rogue scripts, account takeovers, account sharing violations and zero-day attacks

Minimise costs of Fraud and Risk using Data Science

Outdated and costly risk systems with binary fraud rules are holding back the growth of online gaming and digital entertainment businesses. Despite the wealth of data they generate, rules-based fraud and compliance systems fail to turn this into real-time actionable insights.

Cybertonica can help improve your business performance by:

  • Increasing sales by up to 15% by removing friction from the customer experience
  • Reducing operational costs by up to 50% through the automation of fraud and risk management
  • Lowering fraud and chargebacks by up to 70% through greater accuracy of risk measurement
  • Achieving a single real-time view across your entire organisation and all channels
  • Managing regulatory and compliance risk related to the gamer or player

Improve conversion rates by removing friction

How you manage risk and fraud in your online gaming and digital entertainment business can affect your customer conversion rates by up to 50%. Cybertonica’s behavioural biometrics and authentication technology stops fraud without compromising your conversion rates or profitability.

With our ‘Behavioural ID’ technology, we reduce the need for high-friction secondary authentication such as 3DS, One-Time Passwords (OTPs) or forms of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) by 70 – 90% while increasing scrutiny of suspicious users. Moreover, simplified account opening process can turn more prospects into valuable gaming customers while regulatory alerts manage your player responsibility, affordability and other rules relating to AML and in-game fraud.

Manage complex gaming compliance

Cybertonica simplifies your compliance with increasingly complex multi-jurisdictional technical and licensing regulation. By replacing manual processes with automated IT systems driven by Data Science, Cybertonica can help you:

  • Meet all current regulatory and system audit requirements
  • Avoid compliance issues, fines and internal fraud risk leading to reputational damage
  • Make data-driven decisions to determine gaming affordability, moderate the habits of troubled players and operate in a socially responsible way
  • Identify vulnerable gamers who self-exclude from your platform
  • Receive alerts for possible underage gamers posing as adults
  • Secure your customers’ personal data and block prohibited players

One clear view across business operations

Online gaming companies can have complex structures with manual fraud and risk processes siloed across teams and locations. Cybertonica offers digital transformation at speed, replacing inefficient practices, making your business more profitable and less vulnerable to acquisition by competitors.

Cybertonica can combine rules and create visibility across the entire network through one centralised hub, allowing you to access real-time business risk insights, understand and reward good customers whilst preventing bad ones from causing losses or disruption.

Cybertonica is a modular platform based on Cloud and Data Science technology. It is designed to meet your needs now, avoid the need to build in-house while future-proofing your risk and fraud prevention. We enable you to achieve meaningful digital transformation at speed with technology that is fully compliant with regulation including GDPR, 3D Secure 2.2, PSD2, SCA, 5MLD, FATCHA, PCI DSS and CTF.

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Fraud and cyber threat detection through continuous behavioural authentication across all channels for merchants and financial institutions.

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