Cybertonica for Payment Services

Cybertonica dramatically reduces the impact of risk and fraud on Payment Services companies so you can eliminate the threat of regulatory non-compliance with no compromises on privacy or security.


Reduce fraud and chargebacks by up to 70% through greater accuracy of risk measurement

Eliminate inefficient manual compliance processes and fines

Cut risk and fraud management costs by up to 50% through processes automation and removing the need for expensive hardware

Manage AML and compliance risks as well as internal threat fraud

Minimise the impact of fraud and chargebacks

Cybertonica’s ScreenWiZe™ solution offers Payment Services companies fraud and cyber threat detection through continuous behavioural authentication that can lower fraud and chargebacks by up to 70% while saving up to 80% on fraud losses.

As well as protecting your licence to operate, reducing your level of chargebacks can deliver additional card scheme-related savings and help you avoid major Visa and Mastercard fines and participation in high-risk monitoring programs. In addition, you can decrease the Rolling Reserves required to offset risk to Visa, Mastercard of PayPal by up to 50% which can be used to improve cashflow, channelled into marketing or other types of investment.

Cybertonica is a modular platform based in the Cloud and using Data Science technology to replace outdated static rules-based systems. It is designed to meet your needs now, avoid the need to build in-house while future-proofing your risk and fraud prevention. We enable you to achieve meaningful digital transformation at speed with technology that is fully compliant with regulation including GDPR, 3D Secure 2.2, PSD2, SCA, 5MLD, FATCHA, PCI DSS and CTF.

Cut costs of fraud and risk management

You can also dramatically reduce the cost of risk and fraud management by automating processes. Our cloud-based technology means you can lower operational costs by up to 50% and cut risk-related OPEX by up to 40% without the need for expensive hardware.

Manage complex payments compliance

Compliance is becoming increasingly complex for Payment Services companies with the emergence of new regulatory frameworks such as Open Banking and Strong Customer Authentication under PSD2. Cybertonica replaces inefficient manual processes with automated systems driven by Data Science that can help you:

  • Meet all current regulatory and system audit requirements
  • Use Opening Banking data to determine risk levels of all payments and transfers
  • Avoid compliance issues, fines and internal fraud risk leading to reputational damage
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Fraud and cyber threat detection through continuous behavioural authentication across all channels for merchants and financial institutions.


Customer, merchant and paytech monitoring solution increasing the efficiency of Fraud & Risk teams, enabling higher conversion and profits for gateways, acquirers, merchants

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