Cybertonica co-sponsors European Women Payments Network (EWPN)’s first meetup in Turkey

10 December 2018

European women's payment network turkey meet up poster

Cybertonica is co-sponsoring European Women Payments Network (EWPN)’s first meetup in Turkey on 13th December in Istanbul. The event will bring together expert speakers and professionals from FinTech, payments and banking sectors to talk about the future of FinTech in Turkey and importance of gender diversity in sector’s growth. The attendees will enjoy thought-provoking discussions and networking session with financial services and FinTech business professionals and build new connections and potential partnerships.

Founded by Martha Mghendi-Fisher in Amsterdam in 2015, EWPN aims to increase diversity and participation in all areas of the financial services sector by providing a European-wide support network. The organisation provides a platform that inspires, empowers and mentors women in payments to help them realise their full individual potential and position themselves for greater personal success while continuing to learn and contribute to the payments and fintech industries. Currently operating in around 20 countries across Europe, EWPN’s events and workshops offer an opportunity to the women to listen to renowned and upcoming female payments experts and role models who are leaders in the field; female pioneers and innovators in the payments industry and female leaders who are paving the way to success for women across all sectors.

Cybertonica has been actively involved in EWPN’s conferences and activities as gender diversity and inclusion is a top priority for its business. Our very own Market Development Manager Melike Belli, who became the Country Ambassador for Turkey in 2018, said:

“We are delighted to see that EWPN’s first meetup in Turkey has received a very high interest from the FinTech and financial services sector professionals. We aim to discover the great contributions of women to the development of the FinTech sector, raise awareness on gender diversity and inclusion and open up new collaborations at our free event. I am delighted to represent EWPN and excited to lead EWPN’s Turkey journey. Special thanks to our CEO and Co-Founder Joshua Bower-Saul and my team at Cybertonica for co-sponsoring our meetup in Turkey, and supporting and inspiring me to be part of this great journey.”

Joshua Bower-Saul, CEO and Co-Founder of Cybertonica said:

“Cybertonica believe there is huge value in building and maintaining a diverse and experienced team and wishes to encourage diversity in our industry. Melike’s initiative and keen participation in the EWPN’s growth is critical to our success in championing this policy. We look to achieve gender parity in our Board and management over the coming year and thereafter to engage with the tech community to source the best women candidates for our growing product teams.”

You can find the details of the event on this page, and follow EWPN on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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