Real-time behavioural data analysis delivering fraud reduction while securing payment and banking systems and user accounts.


Prevent cyber-attacks including malware and bots

Manage new PSD2 transaction threshold limits

Reduce the need for high-friction secondary authentication

Increase sales by improving cart drop-off

Authenticate while preserving privacy

People are more aware than ever of privacy and the need to safe-guard personally identifiable information. Devices are the interface most often compromised. Cybertonica protects their real-world identity by creating an anonymised ‘behavioural ID’ using advanced Data Science technology

We connect and analyse diverse anonymised data sources to recognise a single user entity with outstanding precision, ensuring only legitimate users and secured devices gain access to your transaction platform.

The behavioural ID can also be used to monitor and protect your business and practices from internal fraud.

User and device behaviours captured

We capture hundreds of sophisticated data points that we can use to continually authenticate both the user and their device for the duration of their interaction including:

  • On the laptop/desktop: mouse movements, speed of typing, keystroke pressure.
  • On the phone or tablet: gyroscopic movement, speed and acceleration, height of device, use of touch screen.

Taken with other factors, ScreenWiZeTM satisfies SCA requirements under PSD2.


Reduce need for high-friction secondary authentication


Increase sales


Increase loan approval rate


Reduce false positives

Threats detected

Through continuous behavioural authentication, threats and fraud can be detected with laser-like accuracy including:

  • Threats: Threat intelligence and alerts, malware, bots, spyware, trojans, web injections and rogue scripts, data harvesting, dark web monitoring.
  • Fraud: Account takeover, peer-to-peer, stolen cards, identity theft, friendly, payments and internal fraud.

Customisation for sectors

ScreenWiZe has already developed customised applications to meet the specific needs of online verticals including online gaming, credit applications, internal fraud, device takeover protection, AML and transaction monitoring.

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