COVID19: E-commerce Nightmares & Surprises Series Story 4

19 November 2020
COVID19: E-commerce Nightmares & Surprises Series Story 4

Welcome to Story 4 of our e-commerce nightmares and surprises series!

We’ve collected stories from colleagues, friends and people in our network, including our customers and their clients. Who have shared how their e-commerce experiences are going. Whilst we’ve found both nightmares and nice surprises, it’s safe to say that the payment experience is still far from perfect. 

  • Story 1 in our series told the incident experience of a #WFH employee who was trying to purchase a laptop from a global online platform. 
  • Our Story 2 explored the experience of another remotely working colleague a #WFH employee’s experience on ordering a bed which took over three months to be delivered during the lockdown. 
  • Story 3 was about a businessman’s stressful travels who attempted to pay for an important meal abroad but had his card declined and blocked without warning. 

All of these stories highlight #ecommercenightmares that shouldn’t never have happened. Read about their failed payment experiences and how you can prevent these experiences as an #issuing bank, #merchant, #acquirer or a payment service provider. 

Story No 4: Where’s my Jacket?

This week’s #ecommerce nightmare is about a student who had just moved to the UK from the USA. She was excited to buy a new, warm winter jacket. Unfortunately, it was not that simple. She had her payment card declined due to problems with the two factor authentication (#2FA) processes required in the UK.

The student had informed her #creditcard provider that she was moving months prior. They had reassured her that she’d be able to continue to use her card from her new location. However, due to new strong customer #authentication (#SCA) rules, this proved not to be the case! 

The next step, she contacted her US based credit card provider using their international help line. She struggled with timezone issues and waited for hours to get through to an operator. Finally, they informed her that she would need to use her old US-based phone number which she no longer had. This was the only phone number attached to her account to verify any #payments she needed to make and they would not let her set up a UK number. 

The provider suggested that a family or friend could link their US phone number to her account. However, the person had to also call their helpline and give confirmation that they were going to act as a representative to verify all the student’s payments. Certainly, this way did not offer an efficient solution for anyone involved either. 

Frustrated and tired with the bureaucratic process, the student eventually decided to give up with fixing the issue. She stopped using her US payment card. The payment provider lost a customer.

The Solution 

We’re enhancing your experience, skipping the bureaucracy and the hassle of #SCA. Our ScreenWiZe platform automatically manages this and allows to confidently operate across borders and card not present (#CNP) transactions. We are using fully compliant #BehaviouralBiometrics as an additional layer of defence to generate encrypted token-based values from your device and distinct action patterns.

If the payment provider had integrated such real-time analysis that utilise #ArtificialIntelligence and #MachineLearning algorithms into their platform, then they would have been able to deduce that the #transactions were legitimate as they followed their customer’s payment journey.

This would’ve saved our stressed student lots of time and hassle. She would have been able to purchase her cosy winter jacket without delay! And.. the payment provider would have not lost a loyal customer.

Expert Advice from our CEO Joshua Bower-Saul 

It is surprising that even in our day, with all the technology being used to bring people to a website, display goods to them and give them means to effect payment, there are still up to 40% of baskets that can fall by the wayside.

This is due to ineffective rules systems and cumbersome 2FA procedures from country to country. Furthermore, with the enforcement of #PSD2 and SCA throughout the EU, these troubles will only expand once we are all back to our normal travel schedules again.

What we are trying to do at Cybertonica is eliminate the False Positives (as the situation we heard about above is termed). And, make dynamic, risk-based systems the wave of the future of seamless and frictionless online and CNP transactions. We trust in technology so you can #TrustInTransaction!

Simply put, the card attached to this device will be tokenized. And the travel of the device from one place to another is added as a feature of the probability that the device may be used to transact in a new location, store, or hemisphere. This means that without sacrificing or sending out any personal data (or having to wake up at 2 AM for a #fraud check call from New York to verify a transaction), this person can get their purchases and conduct their lives more simply – the merchant chalks up another sale to a validated customer. Meanwhile the risk of #chargebacks, false positives and the associated costs are deleted.


As an #issuing bank or payment service provider, it is key to prioritise investment into fully compliant advance data science solutions. This will ensure that customers can complete their payment transactions without problems and delays. And, payments can be processed seamlessly this way. Retain loyalty whilst ensuring your operations are fully compliant with regulations. Find out more about Cybertonica’s solutions now. 

If you’ve missed our third e-commerce nightmare, you can find it here

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