FraudDeflect with Cybertonica and Visa

“Compelling Evidence 3”

The FraudDeflect dispute platform is a product made to defeat Friendly Fraud and was built from the ground up to support Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0.

If you are a processor selling to merchants or your merchant, you know how cumbersome disputing CBs can be.  Yet some studies show that revenue loss and fees around a Chargeback on a $100 transaction can total over $105, meaning you would see a $200+ revenue and profit impact.

Our Goal: 

Make things as simple as possible for merchants. We can host your data or pull from APIs. As long as the required data is available we take care of the rest so there is little to no work for the merchant, ISO, Gateway or other service provider. We also provide all other alert services (Verifi OI, CDRN, RDR, Ethoca.)

Best of All Nearly zero work for you to take advantage of this new rule set.

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Benefits of FraudDeflect


  • Automatic Chargeback Reporting to CRMs
  • Auto refunding of Alerts via your Gateway or CRM or Merchant API
  • API Reporting to your systems via Webhook
  • Auto blacklisting and Commenting in CRMs

Analysis (Automatic Insights)

  • Prevention of Duplicate Alerts
  • Detection of Alerted Chargebacks (and refund request)
  • Report generation of RDR vs CB data (if your processor doesn’t report right)
  • Monitoring of Chargeback and Fraud Rates
  • Custom Reporting is available too

sFTP and API Data Collection

  • API Integration with top CRMs and Gateways and Processors
  • sFTP services with Processors, ISOs, and other providers
  • Merchant ability to share data direct via API or sFTP or even AWS S3

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